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Backups and Online Storage
Backup Services

Backup solutions are at the heart of IT disaster recovery for businesses and personal users alike. Without them we run the risk of looseing all the data and knowledge that we store on our computers and networks. TEKDesign offers solutions that are tailored to what our customers want to use from among the many service types available. From the standard extra hard drive with the software that is used to execute the backup, to the cloud solution which dispersses the backup among many storage nodes throughout the internet for redundancy and security.

Backup Services Solutions

  • Onsite Backups
  • Microsoft, Mac and Linux Backups
  • Backups Appliances
  • Offsite Dedicated Backup Storage
  • Network Attached Storage Solutions
  • Virtualized Backup Storage and Systems
  • Cloud Backup Services - Multi-node cloud backup with auto transfer, redundancy, and encryption.
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • TEKDesign belives that the best solution is the one that offers a level of backup redundancy that minimizes the risk of data loss and downtime. As such we recommend the use of a tiered solution that makes use of multiple services depending on the level of backup and recovery services desired. That way, if Murphy's Laws apply, at least one of them will keep your data safe.

    By bringing together storage solutions and backup software TEKDesign can help you solve your backup needs. Our consulting services can put together a backup and disaster recovery solution that can help you protect your business continuity or personal memories.

    Are you ready to get serious about your backup and disaster recovery? Submit a quote request online, or email us at or call us at 225.755.8354 to talk to a consultant about how to best backup your data.