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IT Networks and Servers
IT networks and Services

Computers, networks and information technology are at the heart of today's businesses. From the computer where you store all your vital information, to the internet and mobile devices, the world of technology are business are intertwined more than ever. TEKDesign has positioned itself to help you and your business make the best of the technology available today to help you manage your network and information and hel your business succeed. TEKDesign can help you run and improve your business through a variety of solutions that can help your business work more effeciently, communicate, and reach more customers.

Your computer network is very important to your business. More than ever it is important to keep it running effeciantly and minimize downtime. Through a combination of know how, techsupport services, managed solutions, network security protocols, internet solutions, infrastructure and more, TEKDesign can ensure your network and business IT systems are running at their best and up to date so you can concentrate on your business. Want your email and calendars to work accross all your business? Need your software updates taken care of regularly? Want a wireless network and you want to make sure your entire network is secure? Want your website and your network systems to work together? We can help with these and mi=uch more.

TEKDesign's network and IT Solutions bring together a variety of the best products and service available today. From network infrastructure form CISCO, Linksys, Juniper and Untangle to software from Microsoft, Adobe, Red Hat Linux, VMWare, 3CX and more. We also offer solutions thorugh some of the most popular opensource solutions available on the net today like, Untangle, Joomla, Wordpress, just to name a few. TEKDesign has also partnered with Microsoft, Apple, CISCO, 3CX and many more to be able to bring you the best information and solutions available today for your network and IT.

If your business needs a well rounded technology partner that can meet your technology needs and solve your business technology issues, TEKDesign is the solutions provider for you. We are ready to meet any challenge you present to us. From designing a new network to taking care of your techsupport troubleshooting, no challeng is to small or to big. It is just a puzzle to solve.

Want to discuss your computer and network needs with one of our consultants? Submit a quote request online, or email us at or call us at 225.755.8354 to talk to a consultant about how to best meet your network needs.