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Computers, networks, users, and the internet are under attack by many annoying and malicious threats that exist in cyberspace today. SPAM, Denial of Service Attacks (DOS), computer viruses, malware, scamware, Trojans, malicious intrusion attacks, Botnets, are but a few of the threats that constantly attempt to compromise business' and individuals' systems, data, and individuals' identity information. TEKDesign provides a multitude of solutions to counter act all the cyber threats that exist today, and we are constantly on the lookout for the counter measures that will protect us against the threats of tomorrow.

TEKDesign offers solutions that range from Antivirus and Malware protection, Spam filtering, intrusion detection, VPN connections, SSL and encryption protection solutions, network filtering and monitoring systems, managed services and security monitoring. And for when the unfortunate happens, we provide virus and malware cleanup, cyber forensics, and backup and disaster recovery to get your systems healthy and back online as soon as possible.

Cyber security and computer threats are one of todays most important issues and TEKDesign is here to help you with solutions and to fight the threats.


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