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Untangle Solutions
Untangle Network Security Appliances

The Untangle firewall appliance gives you a simple way to protect, control, and monitor your computer network. It delivers the technology you need to protect from threats such as viruses, spyware, and attacks. It protects productivity by controlling illegitimate web surfing, and gives an in depth view of network activity. All this in a single usable interface.

Application Solutions

Spam Blocker
Phish Blocker
Spyware Blocker
Web Filter Lite
Web Filter
Bandwidth Control
Virus Blocker
Kaspersky Virus Blocker
Intrusion Prevention
Protocol Control
Ad Blocker
Web Cache


Directory Connector
Policy Manager
Captive Portal
Attack Blocker
Commtouch Spam Booster
Configuration Backup
Branding Manager
Live Support
WAN Balancer
WAN Failover

Reports provides clear, concise reports about network traffic and policy violations. With this information you can spot problems related to viruses or spyware and also monitor illegitimate user behavior, such as web surfing or instant messaging.

The Untangle Server runs on a PC located between your Internet connection (cable/DSL modem, etc.) and your computer network switch. It can either replace or complement an existing Router or Firewall by operating as the router itself or in bridge form between the router and the network.

Bridge Mode

Router Mode

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