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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that allows the visualization of complete objects and enviornments from every angle. It makes use of immersive virtual enviornments or visualization techniques that allow users to experiance an object or an enviornment that they would normally not be able to experiance otherwise. The techniques make use of 3D immersive enviornments or objects along with photographic techniques that capture the objects and enviornments from all angles and with a minimum of distortion and displaying them via 3 basic methods, a Panoramic VR, an Object VR, or a fully Immersive 3D simulation (walk through) enviornment.

Panoramic VRs, also known as PanoVRs, make use of special photographic techniques, equipment, and software that allow us to capture 360 degrees of an enviornment, or a spherical image of one, and recreates an image that a user can turn around in to see all around it and experiance it. The recreation is like turning around in the center of a cylinder or a sphere.


Object VRs use an imaging technique that takes pictures of an object all around and through the use of special software displays them in a way that gives the illusion that the user is grabbing the object and turning it around themselves.


The final and more complex type of virtual reality makes use of advanced 3D software to create simulated enviornments through the use of 3D geometry and image mapping techniques that allow the creation of a simulated enviornment that a user can move through and interact with objects within it. These simulated enviornments can be used to simulate buildings, scenarios, living spaces, MMORPGs and even the earth (Google Earth) and the universe.


TEKDesign has the ability to image your enviornments(homes, offices, open spaces, etc.) or objects(computers, mobile phones, etc.) and create Virtual Reality objects and environments like the ones mentioned above.

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